The idea of Breaking Boundaries with Innovation (BBI) started out of the urgent need to provide quality education, adequate technology education and resources and good healthcare to underserved communities


Word from our Founder



Martina Taylor is the founder and current president of Breaking Boundaries with Innovation(BBI). She is also an entrepreneur and an engineer with a background in computer science(bachelor’s) and cybersecurity engineering(master’s). She is currently studying as a doctoral student in Business Administration while serving a military organization as a civilian.

She founded Breaking Boundaries with Innovations (BBI) in 2019 out of the urgent need to provide adequate technology education, good healthcare, and quality education to underprivileged communities. BBI strives to promote technology, healthcare, and education for children and youths in Sierra Leone and other developing countries through advocacy, scholarship and creating connections for their future endeavors. Our goal is to bridge the gap for students in developing countries so that they have access to the same level of education and technology education as other students worldwide.

Shortly after BBI launched, we began a #BBICares drive that provided clothing, sanitary needs, and sponsorship to the underrepresented population in Freetown, Sierra Leone with the aim of improving the community and bettering the wellbeing of people. We achieved this by working with the Mother and Child Rehabilitation Center (MCRC), a local non-profit organization in Sierra Leone.


Reaching beyond the skies

We strive to promote technology, education, and healthcare for children and youths in Africa, one country at a time, through advocacy, scholarship and creating connections for their future endeavor.


We envision a continent where technology education and health care for children and youths are seen as a right and not an opportunity.


Executive Summary

Breaking Boundaries with Innovation (BBI) is a non profit organization that is based in the United States with its focus on serving several countries in Africa. BBI has identified Sierra Leone as the preliminary country to address all technology and education research initiatives. BBI’s initial aim is to provide technology, education and healthcare services for children and youth to improve their access to appropriate technology, education and healthcare in developing countries. BBI offers the opportunity for children and youth to access healthcare, education and technology by: Advocating and partnering with hospitals and clinics to provide affordable healthcare, providing scholarships and school supplies to underprivileged children, and supplying more laptops and technology to teachers and students in schools and/or within community technology laboratories.


BBI was founded to provide technology education and health care for children and youths in Africa

Provide support through scholarship to brilliant and underprivileged children who desire to pursue higher education and a career in a technological field but do not have the funds or opportunity to do so.

Establish a strong network of support with school systems.

Create virtual learning laboratories and implement technology courses as a graduation requirement across the country to expand and improve technology education.

Ensure that the learning needs of young people include access to the technology needed for their success.

Provide healthcare support to children through partnering with or co-hosting pop up clinics, spreading the word about covered services.


What we stand for

We endeavor to work with other organizations, partners and like minded individuals to ensure quality education standards, promote education technology and improve the healthcare in Sierra Leone.


We ensure that there is access to opportunities by all school children especially those in marginalized areas.


We are committed to creating equal opportunities in education for all children and affordable healthcare to underprivileged communities.


Transform the traditional educational system in Sierra Leone by providing the resources and encouraging students to improve their analytical and problem solving skills, and develop the capability to apply new processes, introduce new techniques, or establish successful ideas to create new value .


We invest in the development and well-being of underprivileged communities and citizens in need


We encourage our students to strive to be the best they can be and to do the best they can do as they grow